About Us

Water for Cameroon is an Irish based Christian Charity located at 28A Pearse St. Dublin 2, Ireland. We are a small group of concerned people who have come together to support, encourage and help in whatever way we can to empower individuals and communities to have safe drinking water, effective sanitation and good hygiene practices. This is slow and difficult work – it takes time. Without water we cannot survive, water is a necessity for life. All people have the right to a secure supply of safe drinking water.

Water for Cameroon is helping communities have good wells and latrines. Ensuring that hygiene and health promotion is part and parcel of our work in well and latrine construction. Trained Cameroonian health promoters work alongside householders and communities during well and latrine construction in their community.

Bio Sand Filter is also an important part of our work. Currently a number of individual businesses construct and install the Bio Sand Filters in households and public buildings. The constant challenge for the businesses is to maintain the selling price at a level that allows for a profit for the constructor / installer and at the same time have it affordable to most people to buy. In some instances the Filters are sold at a reduced price or donated. It is intended in the near future to examine other business models for having the Filters constructed and installed.

Water for Cameroon hopes to see lives transformed. This transformation is primarily about relationships. As a Christian charity we constantly remind ourselves that our ability to facilitate transformation depends on our own life and our relationship with our Lord.